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Cash Flow Lending is the right service that you need to Grow Your Business


Having the Business Expertise, Knowledge and Understanding, we at FLR Solutions certainly know and understand that there is more value to a business than just property. That's exactly why we start to evaluate your business as a going and growing concern, we also do recognise the value of your people and business assets.


We are accredited and have successful business relationships with lenders and financiers, who also understand and also share our vision & business philosophy in business lending. These lenders and financiers also offer a very broad range of capital finance products, which is beneficial for businesses, just like yours!


"more money for you, to expand your business"

Their approach and willingness towards assisting you and your business with cash flow lending, does make it easier for you, as a business owner, to potentially borrow more by simply unlocking the equity in your business! Meaning that the lender could potentially offer you more money to expand your business, by lending against your business cashflow, goodwill and assets.


Cash Flow lending does give you greater flexibility for accessing more funds which could be used to expand your business in the market place.


Some Types of Loans available to help you grow your business are:



  • Business Overdraft Loans, 'A market related short term loan to help you manage your cash flow.



  • Commercial Advance, 'A market related loan for business's, suitable for large borrowing requirements.'
  • Business Equity Loan- 'Simply a revolving line of credit to assist with capital purchases or seasonal cash flow situations. Often this agreed line of credit will continual to remain available even after repayments.
  • Fixed Rate Commercial Loan- 'By having a fixed rate loan ensures stability of the repayments. Which is great for business's, as you would know the exact amount of your repayments per month, it's also great for your business cash flow and business budgeting as well. The other positive is that it also provides long term stability to counterbalance market fluctuations.'


  • Equipment Financing, 'providing you finance for business equipment purchased using facilities such as Leasing, Chattel Mortgages, Hire Purchases as well as Operating Leases.'
  • Debtor Finance (Invoice Discounting), 'is when the lender turns your trade debtors into cash and provide the funds you need to grow your business.'


  • Trade Finance Lending- 'Import & Exporting finance facilities,this type of finance fluctuates between lenders.'

In Summary, cash flow lending is a vital and important link in the growth of your business! It's worth investigating!


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