Chattel Mortgage

The main features & benefits of a 'Chattel Mortgage' are

  • A Chattel Mortgage is perhaps one of the most common finance packages used when taking out when purchasing goods, such as Cars Equipment and Machinery.
  • It is most suited and commonly used for most sole traders, companies and partnerships, who have been set up for the cash method of accounting by the Accountant, by have this set up by your Accountant you can therefore claim the GST of the vehicle and or goods up-front in their next BAS statement, rather than over the term of the loan
  • When you take out a Chattel Mortgage product to finance your goods, you actually take ownership of the goods or vehicle at the time of purchase, meaning from day one.
  • The Lender simply takes a mortgage over the goods or vehicle.
  • Your monthly payments are fixed for a period that you choose which may be up to 60 months term, on a fixed interest rate as well!
  • Your vehicle or goods that you have purchased are the only security that the finance company takes, not your home or other goods
  • If you or your companies are registered for GST, you or your company can therefore claim the GST contained in the vehicle or goods as an input credit in your next BAS statement.


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