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Looking to purchase an investment property?


Purchasing property can be easy with our help. You are "guaranteed to gain insight and vital information" when you attend one of our FREE INFORMATION SEMINARS.

Start to unlock your investment opportunities and become a successful investor.


Our Information seminars have been designed purely for people like yourself, who may be looking at entering the investment market and becoming an investor in property, and because we understand that, buying a property as an investor is very time consuming, at times confusing, and hard to understand and you will certainly have a lot of questions that need the right answers and solutions.


Our Information seminars are well structured and packed with the right information for you, the vital information you need if you are about to or even considering entering the investment property market.


At our Information Seminar 'Looking to purchase an investment property: Made easy!' we cover, provide answers to and explain in detail some extremely important questions such as:

  • How much can I borrow on my salary?
  • If are the negative gearing options?
  • How do they benefit and affect me?
  • Can I borrow under a property trust?
  • Can I purchase an investment property under a SMSF?
  • Is SMSF good for purchasing investment property?
  • Can I have a guarantor? And what are their responsibilities?
  • How much deposit do I need?
  • Can I use my Equity as a Deposit?
  • What are the Government costs and stamp duty costs?
  • Which Refinancing options suit me
  • What make a good property investment?
  • What type of Loan products are suitable for your individual needs?
  • How do I start and get this process working?
  • What documents do l need to provide?
  • How long is the application process?
  • What is a Pre-approval and how do I get one?
  • What do l need to successfully complete the loan application?
  • What types of investment property are there?
  • What are the areas that are worth buying and purchasing an investment property in?
  • Can I buy a property with my sister, or family member?, What are the consequences?

These are some of the questions that people, who have attention our Information seminars, have kindly asked, and we have discussed them in detail with then and provided some invaluable information, tips and techniques to assist them.


By simply attending one of these Information seminars you will gain priceless buying tips & techniques to assist you in buying as well. We have also unlocked 6 key areas that will most certainly, help with your financial decision making.


So UNLOCK your investment opportunities and successfully become an INVESTOR Today!


Don't delay in entering the investment property market. Let us help you.


If you require any further information on the seminar 'Looking to purchase an Investment Property: Made easy!' simply contact us by calling 0415 280 555 or via our contact form.



About Your Presenter


Fred Rizio, Managing Director/ Principal of FLR Solutions and FLR Business Solutions Pty Ltd, they are specialist and professionals when it comes to the finance and mortgage industry. Fred, has been involved in the Finance and Mortgage industry for over 29 years, and is a proud Member of both PLAN Australia, 'Professional Lenders Association Network', as well as the a Full Member of the MFAA, 'Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia'


Fred also is well educated and qualified in the Finance & Mortgage industry as he successfully holds the following qualifications:
  • Diploma in Financial Services, specialising in Finance/ Mortgage Brokering Management
  • Advanced Diploma of Commercial Lending
  • Certificate IV in Financial Services (Finance & Mortgage Brokering)


After helping numerous clients fulfil their dreams of 'Buying & Financing their First Home', Fred does understand that it very frustrating, confusing and very time consuming process, and certainly if you get it all wrong at the starting process, could be also very frustrating and extremely costly event as well!


Fred, as a very solid focus and his Mission and Goals that he and his professional team strictly follow is 'Our Mission is to provide you with the Full understanding of all the loans products and services available to you, so that you are able to make the CORRECT decisions, Fully based on knowledge. This puts you in the driver's seat, armed with Full Understanding that will ensure that the loan products you chose will be based entirely on your individual needs.'

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